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North Carolinians Enjoy Very Low Auto Insurance Rates

Lowest in the Southeast, according to the neutral Insurance Information Institute
3rd lowest in the U.S. for commuters, according to’s 2013 national survey
6th lowest overall in the nation, according to the Insurance Information Institute

North Carolina vs. South Carolina and Our Other Neighbors

• Since South Carolina passed similar legislation in the late 1990s: 
    º Before “modernization,” S.C. drivers paid $26 a year more than N.C. drivers. 
    º After “modernization,” S.C. drivers now pay $149.61 a year more than N.C. drivers.

All four of North Carolina’s neighboring states have higher annual auto insurance rates: 
    º Georgia: +$154.92 (+26%) 
    º S. Carolina: +$149.61 (+25%)
    º Virginia: +$79.24 (+13%) 
    º Tennessee: +$49.80 (+8%)

Breakdown of Neighboring and Lower Cost States

Click here to see all 50 states.
Click here to view analysis of this data completed by the Insurance Information Institute.
Source: Rates and rankings are based on data compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.