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White: Take a peek inside insurance bill

Published: Mar. 10, 2013
The complete article can be found here: The Fayetteville Observer

'Laws are like sausages," Otto von Bismarck said. "It's better not to see them being made." Too many of us take the great German statesman's advice. I suspect he gave it to keep the public's eyes out of his own political machinations. It doesn't serve anyone but the politicians who are making the sausage.

As ugly as the view can be, we need to be political junkies to some degree, because we need to know what our elected representatives are up to. Too often, they're up to no good, or at the very least, making laws that don't serve their constituents, but rather cater to special interests at their constituents' expense. Our lawmakers do serve the people who pay close attention to them. Most often, it's the well-heeled special interests who expect favorable treatment in return for their lobbying and generous contributions.

Here's a proposed change in law that every one of us - at least those of us who own a motor vehicle - needs to know about: Sen. Wesley Meredith's bill that would dramatically alter the way North Carolina regulates car insurance. The bill restricts the degree to which the state insurance commissioner can control insurance rates. Meredith says his bill will create "a more competitive, free-market system that reduces bureaucracy and eliminates unnecessary costs. Government has no business dictating how insurance companies set their rates and has no business requiring them to do so collectively."

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