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Driven - Does Meredith bill help consumers or insurers?

Published: Mar 03, 2013
The complete article can be found here: The Fayetteville Observer

Wesley Meredith says his insurance-reform legislation is good for us. "North Carolina drivers will benefit from a more competitive, free-market system that reduces bureaucracy and eliminates unnecessary costs," he says.Yeah, right, says Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, "The bill will have a devastating effect on North Carolina drivers." Goodwin says the reform measure sponsored by the state senator from Fayetteville would allow rate increases of up to 12 percent a year without any regulatory review.

Even the state's top auto insurer, Nationwide, opposes the legislation. This should leave all of us scratching our heads, but it's a clue that there may be a fly or two in Meredith's ointment.

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