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Detroit Has Most Expensive Car Insurance, Charlotte Has Cheapest

The complete article can be found here:

SAN FRANCISCO – September 11, 2014 – Detroit has the most expensive car insurance and Charlotte has the cheapest, according to a new examination of average premiums in the 25 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

In the Detroit metro area, drivers pay a whopping 165% more than the national average for car insurance. The next most expensive metros are New York City (36% more than the national average), Miami (+34%) and Los Angeles (+25%).

“One of the main reasons why car insurance is so expensive in the Detroit area is because Michigan is the only state where car insurance includes unlimited personal injury protection,” said Laura Adams, senior analyst, “Also, Detroit has a very high percentage of uninsured motorists – as high as 50% by some estimates. That unfortunately raises rates for those who do have car insurance.”

Charlotte-area residents enjoy the cheapest average car insurance premiums, 43% less than the national average. Cleveland (-31%) and...


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